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Debbie Angell
The focus of Debbie Angell’s paintings is on the beauty of nature’s transformation of elements. She finds surface deterioration to be very appealing; especially oxidation, corrosion and peeling paint. Texture is developed slowly, allowing each layer to leave a glimpse of what once existed. The essence of texture and color is transformed, revealing a sensual abstract composition.

“In my work, I often explore the richness of a fleeting moment in time; such as a fragmented silhouette of a tree, or a flickering shadow on a weathered surface, and the beauty of a repeated pattern. Each fleeting moment acts as a poignant reminder of the aliveness and joy of the nature that surrounds us all, inviting our presence and quiet reflections.”

Debbie is a former graphic artist who has lived and worked in Spain, Germany, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. With a degree in Art History, she began exhibiting her work while living in Europe. Her paintings have been sold in designer showrooms and galleries, and can be found in private as well as corporate collections worldwide.

Angell currently resides in Western Michigan, where she lives on a lake and paints from her home studio.