Gruen Galleries
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Erin Parish
Born 1966 St. Louis. MO; raised in Detroit. MI

Lives and works in New York, NY and Miami Beach, FL

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Gruen Galleries. Chicago. II

2007 Winston Wachter Fine Art. Seattle, WA
Amaya Gallery. Miami, FL

2006 Baxter Chang Patri fine Art. San Francisco, CA

2005 Winston Wachter Fine Art. NY, NY

2004 Gruen Galleries. Chicago. IL

2003 M&A Materials and Applications. LA. CA
Davis-Keil fine Art. Naples, FL

2002 Winston Wachter Moyer fine Art. NY, NY
Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco. CA

2001 Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco. CA

2000 Winston Wachter Moyer fine Art. NY, NY
Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco. CA

1999 Tobey Fine Art. NY, NY

1997 Jeffrey Colpolf Fine Art, NY, NY
Edsel Williams, Easthampton. NY

1991 Arregui Hsia Fine Art. Miami. FL

Group Exhibitions

2006 Gallery Artists, Winston Wachter Fine Art, Seattle, WA

2005 Heavenly or a Slice of White. Curated by Julia Jacquette and
Joie Rosen.
The Bertha and Karlleubsdorf Art Gallery. Hunter College, NY, NY
Blue, Baxter Chang Patri Fine Art. San Francisco. CA
Four Painters. Gruen Galleries. Chicago, IL

2004 Contemporary Art Auction to Benefit the Friends at the High Line.
Phillips de Pury & Co., NY. NY
Group Exhibition, Michael Martin Galleries, San Francisco. CA

2003 In Black and White, Forrest Scott Gallery, Millburn, N.J.

2002 Texture. Forrest Scott Gallery, Millburn. NJ

2001 Father/Daughter: Tom Parish and Erin Parish, Gruen Gallery, Chicago, IL
Minimalism, Forrest Scott Gallery. Millburn, NJ

2000 Gallery Artists. DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Abstract Painting Today. The Castle Gallery. The College of New
Rochelle, NY

1999 Erin Parish and Lorraine Williams. Tobey Fine Art, NY. NY
Abstract Eight, 45 Mercer Gallery. NY, NY
Six Degrees of Separation. Forrest Scott Gallery, Millburn. NJ
12 x 12. Tobey Fine Art, NY, NY

1998 Food. Marcel Sitcoske Gallery. San Francisco, CA
David Jeffrey, Paul Manes and Erin Parish. Swan Coach House Gallery,
Atlanta. GA
Cheap Thrills. DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Materialism, The Art Store. NY, NY
Small. Jeffrey Colpoff Fine Art. NY, NY
Feature Exhibition. DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA

1997 Gallery Artists and Invited Guests. Radix Gallery. NY, NY
Ten Views, AAA Gallery, NY. NY
Domestic Bliss, Provincetown. MA
Erin Parish and Mara Deluca. Genet at Anghelica 57. NY, NY
Isis and Osiris. Thinking Pictures. NY, NY
Fresh. Jeffrey Coploff Gallery. NY. NY
Echo and Narcissus, Thinking Pictures. NY, NY

1996 Essence - Twenty Abstract Pointers. Radix Gallery, NY.
NY Light and Color. Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art. NY. N
Blast5Drama. Sondra Gering Gallery. NY. NY
Emerging. Radix Gallery, NY, NY
Water, James Graham & Sons. NY, NY
Selections from the Season, Eich Space, NY, NY
Waterline. Black and Herron Gallery, NY, NY
Erin Parish and Joie Rosen. Eich Space. NY. NY

1995 Exhibition Three: Spirituality, Mad River Post. NY. NY
Quel Ques Fleurs. 473 Broadway, NY. NY
Group Exhibition: Mad River Post, NY. NY

1994 Cognitive Turt, Gallery 30. NY. NY

1992 Gallery Artists. Arregui Hsia Fine Art, Miami. Fl

1991 Gallery Artists. Arregui Hsia Fine Art. Miami, Fl
Three Women. Three Points of View, Gallery Axiom. Philadelphia. PA
Gallery Artists. Arregui Hsia Fine Art. Miami. Fl

1990 Gallery Artists. Arregui Hsia Fine Art. Miami. Fl
Group Exhibition. Vorhees Gallery, Hunter College. NY. NY

1989 Inaugural Exhibition. Arregui Hsia Fine Art, Miami. Fl

1987 Group Exhibition. Detroit Artist's Market, Detroit, MI

1986 Group Exhibition. Detroit Artist's Market, Detroit. MI

Education. Residencies. Grants

2001 Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant, NY

1997 The Fine Arts Works Center, Provincetown, MA

1991 The Vermont Studio School Johnson, VT

1990 Received M.F.A., Queens College, Queens, NY

1988 Received B.A._ Bennington College, Bennington. V

1987 Hoch Schule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany


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Barclays Capital. NY, NY
Barclays Capital. Dubai. V.A.E.
Cablevision. NY. NY
Gibson. Dunn and Crutcher, Palo Alto. CA
Moose's Restaurant San Francisco. CA
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY
New Amsterdam Partners. NY. NY
Pfizer Inc .. Westchester. NY
Restaurant Gary Danko. San Francisco. CA
Ritz Carlton Hotels. NY. NY
Ritz Carlton Hotels. Georgetown. Wash. D.C.