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"Love Mandala"
Jesus Salgueiro (Susej)
Born in Cabimas, Venezuela Jesus Salgueiro started his artistic career at the early age of 4 years old, after asking his grandfather to make a wood toy truck after one he had seen. When his grandfather finished building the truck Jesus wanted it a different color. So his grandfather told him to paint it the color he wanted and gave him paint and brushes. This simple act transformed Jesus’s life and he never stopped painting since. After 50 years Jesus’s artwork has made thousands of people happy. His belief is that "ART IS FOR THE ENRICHMENT OF THE SOUL EVERYTHING ELSE IS PURE NONESENSE".


For all those who love the arts, my art is created with love, because of love and for love. Love is the reason of my existence, a blessing in many ways. It is difficult not to take your gifts for granted, you have to learn to appreciate what a lot of people would die to have, I guess I’m in a special position where I can inspire people, their lives their spirituality or whatever. It is Gods job I LOVE and feel blessed by it.
Art come in many sizes shapes and colors. Art is very personal, it is something that touches us very deeply in our inner souls, when we chose a piece of art to live with. It is a life sharing experience of comfort and joy to our own existence, the joy we receive from a piece of art hung in one of our house walls is a symbol of Life, Love or one of the other expressions that come with art there is to many to describe but I’m sure you have experience at least a couple of them during your contact with Art
The world cares very little about what a man or a woman knows it is about what the man or woman can do that counts and finally.
I do my work as a proof to myself that I’m indeed an instrument of God and that my work is and will always be an expression of LOVE