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Oil and Monoprint on Canvas
36" x 46"
Oil and Monoprint on Canvas
24" x 32"
Nude 07
Oil and Monoprint on Canvas
32" x 42"
Oil and Monoprint on Canvas
26" x 40"
Nude 04
Oil and Monoprint on Canvas
46" x 36"

* "Tomislav draws his pictures with printing ink, using the shadows from the typefaces used titles, articles, stock exchange quotations. Then he undertakes a subtle value game, i.e. elegant lines which show a female silhouette - a woman's body idealized in a stroke, inscribed in depth in the thickness of the layers of gel which make up his working material, each layer being the site of a transferring operation which allow him to pick up a few signs of stolen ink. As a guideline, a transfer drawing is used all through this productive process for original paintings."* Giles Plazy

1937 Born in Macedonia.
1959 Studied at the School of Decorative Art in Skopje, Macedonia (a former republic of Yugoslavia).
1960 - 63 Restored old paintings and icons at the National Museum in Belgrade. Studied art history.
1963 - 69 Worked in Paris as a professional painter and restorer.
1969 Emigrated to the United States.
1990 Becomes a U.S. citizen.
2003 - present Lives and paints in Chicago and Paris.

Personal/Solo Shows

2004 CHICAGO, Gruen Gallery
1999 NEW YORK, Atelier
1996 NANTES, La Maison de l'Avocat
1991 CHICAGO, Lloyd Shin Gallery
1990 CHICAGO, Lloyd Shin Gallery
1986 PARIS, Galerie d'Art Internationale
1984 PARIS, Galerie d'Art Internationale
1983 CHICAGO, Galerie d'Art Internationale
1982 PARIS, Galerie d'Art Internationale
LE TOUQUET, Palais de l'Europe
1981 CHICAGO, Mary Bell Galleries
1979 NEW YORK, National Art Center
1977 PARIS, Galerie Mouffe
1968 PARIS, Galerie du Foyer des Artistes (with sculptor Janez Zorko)
1967 PARIS, Centre Culturel Yugoslave

Group Shows

2005-2006 PARIS, Salon Art Du Nu
2001-2004 CHICAGO, Gruen Gallery
2001 36 Salon des peintres du Vesinnet (invites d'honneur / guest of honor)
1995-2004 PARIS, MAC 2000
1994 CHICAGO, Carole Jones Gallery
1993 CHICAGO, Art Chicago 1993
1992 CHICAGO, Carole Jones Gallery
1990 CHICAGO, Lloyd Shin Gallery
1990 BELGRADE, National Museum of Belgrade
1990 TOKYO, Art Expo 1990 (Lloyd Shin Gallery)
1989 PARIS, Galerie d'Art Internationale
1988 PARIS, MAC 2000, Grand Palais
1986 CLERMONT, FRANCE, Festival d'Art Contemporain
1985 PARIS, Galerie d'Art Internationale
1984 CHICAGO, Ways of Drawing, curated by Harold Haydon
1982 CHICAGO, Galerie d'Art Internationale, American and European Contemporary Masters
CHICAGO, Beverly Art Center
1981 CHICAGO, Paul Waggoner Gallery, Alternative 1981 Exhibit
1980 EVANSTON, Art Center
CHICAGO, Mary Bell Galleries, Art 1980
CHICAGO, Mary Bell Galleries
CHICAGO, Artist Guild, Black and White Show
1979 CHICAGO, The Municipal Art League
NEW YORK, Yu-April 1979
CHICAGO, Art Institute, Art Rental Gallery (thru 1981)
1978 PARIS, Galerie Rive Gauche
1977 PARIS, Galerie Camille Renault
1974 CHICAGO, Merril Chase Gallery
ANTIBES, Salon International de Peinture
1968 PARIS, Salon des Artistes Francais, Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees
1966 MULHOUSE, Jeune Peinture Europeene

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