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Sculpture V
7'6" x 1'4" x 1'10"
"Sculpture 7"
5"11" x 1'2" x 1'0"

Marc Trudeau

Marc Trudeau creates powerful geometric sculptures that are uniquely organic,
architectural and abstract. The genesis for his work comes from nature.

While passing through the remnants of a forest fire in Idaho, Marc was captivated
by the rows of scorched trunks left behind. They stood like charred sculptures
growing out of the earth. In this destruction, Marc saw a different kind of beauty.
The forest as he knew it was gone. But what remained was still a strong symbol of
survival and endurance with a new kind of majesty. He noted how the hollowed trees
exuded light through splits and cracks. For him, this was a foreshadow of their eventual rebirth. These images stayed with him.

With this inspiration, Marc sets out to transform flat sheets of metal into something
that feels organic, like the trees, but with the lasting strength found in angles and
straight lines. His process begins by creating a computer model for each of his
sculptures. He then disassembles them into individual geometric shapes. These unique shapes are cut out, reassembled and welded together into finished works of art.