Gruen Galleries
Out of TownerI Like YouEvery Day is Like SundayWe Hate it When Our Friends Become SuccessfulSuch a Little Thing Makes Such a Big DifferenceI Don't Mind if You Forget MeSeasick, Yet Still DockedI Will See You in Far Off PlacesI Know Very Well How I Got My NameMargaret on the GuillotineI'm Throwing My Arms Around ParisInteresting DrugI Trust Our Town is Treating You Well?I Know it's Going to Happen SomedayLife is a Pigsty
Gian Garofalo
Born, lives and works in Chicago, Illinois

Gian is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in materials and process. Each painting is created with colors mixed from pigments and mediums. Applied layer upon layer, the process requires patience, forgiveness and discipline. The colorful drip and stripe combinations are arranged by intuition, random selection and personal taste. These paintings consist of a rainbow of colors where each individual drip is an equally important and unique contribution to the work as a whole. Gian continually strives for beautiful, intriguing and mesmerizing.


2011 Gruen Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

2011 Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

2011 Red Rooster, Harlem, New York

2008 The Artists Project, Chicago

2008 Ambiente Collection, Chicago


2012 Gruen Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

2007 Stockholm Syndrome – Tojo Gallery Chicago