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Donald Cronkhite
"Mainly influenced by 17th century Dutch painting and early to mid-20th century modern art, I found myself irresistibly drawn to my current subject when I realized that something so familiar could present me with so many creative opportunities and challenges. Primarily focusing on the sky in the moments just prior to a storm, when the cloud formations are at their peak volume, affords me the opportunity to explore color, contrast, and form simultaneously.

As a painter, I’m interested in capturing both the representative and non-representative aspects of this subject in my work. Color, contrast, form and scale are inseparable in communicating my emotional experience to the viewer in sort of an 'enhanced reality.' The variations in abstract forms, vibrant and saturated hues, help convey a sense of realism and imagination blended together in my painting.

The scale of these canvases, filling one’s peripheral vision, are intended to envelop the viewer with a sense of movement and kinetic energy, especially with my larger-than-human scale paintings. I consider scale to be of vital importance in my work, as it speaks almost as much about the subject as the paint.

For the most part, I decided to abandoned conventional titles for my painting, in favor of a numbered series, such as 'Amber Series No. 2' or 'Gray Series No.18,' to identify one work from another. I find that descriptive titles can be trite and are distracting to the viewer. I’ve learned that people experience my paintings differently. Where some see nature’s fury, others see beauty; where some see darkness, others find spirituality. I want the viewer to be free to experience my paintings without being told my personal take on the matter."

B.F.A. Wayne State University, Detroit,MI
2016: Level One Bank Community Art Gallery, Ferndale, MI
Cloudscapes; Exploring the Dramatic: June 4– July 18
2012: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL Clouds; Oils on Linen: January 6– February 24
2011: Biddle Gallery, Wyandotte, MI Before the Storm: September 30–November 30
2007: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL A Series of Studies: December7 – January 4
2017: Birmingham Bloomfield Hills Art Center, Birmingham, MI Michigan Fine Arts Competition: June 23 – August 25
2017: Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI REMIX: June 8– July 22
2017: Hatch Art, Hamtramck, MI Hatch Back 11 Annual Exhibition: April1– April 29
2017: Down River Council for the Arts, Wyandotte, MI Secret Handshake: Wayne State University Collective
CuratedInvitational: March 31 – April 13
2017: Mercedes Benz Research & Development NA, Ferndale, MI Experiencing Perspectives Art Exhibition: March 2017– April 2018
2017: Scarab Club, Detroit, MI Silver Medal Exhibition: February 22– April 1
2016: Scarab Club, Detroit, MI 103rd Gold Medal Exhibition: November 23 – December 30 Received an Honorable Mention
2016: DeVos Place Convention Center, Grand Rapids, MI ArtPrize: International Art Competition: September 21– October 9
2016: Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI Muskegon Museum of Art 88th Annual Regional All – Michigan Exhibition: May 12– August 3
2016: Detroit Athletic Club (DAC), Detroit, MI Cloudscapes; Two Person Show: January 15 – April 1
2013: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI ArtPrize: International Art Competition
2012: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL Group Exhibition: Gallery Artists
2010: LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI ArtPrize: International Art Competition
2009: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL Group Exhibition: Gallery Artists
2009: Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio,TX Salon International: April 10 – May 1
2007: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL Group Exhibition: Landscape
2006: Montserrat Gallery, New York, NY Salon Exhibition: January– December
2005: Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL Group Exhibition: Landscape
2007: David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI November 3, 2007– March 3, 2008