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Anna Pales
I am a painter. I believe art is the most forceful and clear way to communicate.

Even cave men had art on their walls....

Anna Pales was awarded full scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago and simultaneously attended the University of Chicago. She solely founded the “Expression Through Art” division of the “Artist in Residence Program” in Chicagoland's public and private schools. Her work has been exhibited in museums and recognized throughout the United States as well as London, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. She has had numerous group and individual showings nationwide.

Trained in mixed medias including acrylic, oil, encaustic and resin, her focus is on contemporary still life. Anna exhibits her great love for nature through her timeless landscapes.

Art is simply the language of the soul, a forceful way to communicate.

1964-1969 Art Institute of Chicago
University of Chicago

2009 Published in book- "Perfect Lighting" -in North America
2008 Published in book- "Perfect Lighting-Tools and Techniques"
-in Great Britain
2009-2004 Published in "Art in America"
2007 National Museum of Women in the Arts
2006 Selected for “Who’s Who of American Women in Art”
CADA review
Published in- "Chicago Home Magazine" -Winter 2006
2005 Centerstage - Art of Chicago
CADA review
Chicago Tribune – “New Artist to Watch”
2003 CADA review
Centerstage - Art of Chicago
1988-1984 Selected as Illustrator for book & cover for Reconstructionist
1978-1973 Founder of the “Expression in Art” division of “Art in Residence” program
1964 Full scholarship to the Art Institute Museum of Chicago
1963 Selected paintings honored by “New Artist of America” in New York

2010 Gruen Galleries, Chicago
Belloc Lowndes Fine Art Gallery, Chicago

2009 Gruen Galleries, Chicago,
Belloc Lowndes Fine Art Gallery, Chicago
Toronto International Art Fair Oct 22 -Oct 26
Auction- Hats Off to the Arts, Central Michigan University

2009-2001 Gruen Galleries, Chicago

2008 Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
Belloc Lowndes Fine Art Gallery
Auction- Hats Off to the Arts, Central Michigan University
2007 Gruen Galleries, Chicago IL
Belloc Lowndes Fine Art Gallery, Chicago. IL
AAF, London England
International Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, NY
ArtDC, Washington, DC
2006 Anticruelty Society Auction, Mi
2004 Knoxville Museum of Art Auction, Knoxville, KY
2001 Knoxville Museum of Art Auction, Knoxville, KY
2000-2006 Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL

2009 Lake Forest Hospital, IL
2008 RMB Capital Management
2006 KPG Corporation, Chicago, IL
Clayton Foundation, Chicago, IL
2003 Susan Harris Memorial Auctions, Evanston, IL
2001 Price Waterhouse Corporate Collection, Chicago, IL
2000 Primary Care Corporation, IL
Molon Corporation, IL
1999 Cameron General Corporation, Chicago, IL

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